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Center for Evolutionary Learning

The Center for Evolutionary Learning is a non profit global research network specialized in the study of how individuals and organizations learn to evolve towards ideal models of responsibility and sustainability in their identity and behaviour.

We envision a world where self-empowered individuals generate enlightened decisions, practices and initiatives within their organizations, for the benefit of all concerned stakeholders: financial investors, employees, business partners and communities.

Our aim is thus to contribute to the sustainable development of communities worldwide, by identifying the most effective learning approaches to improve personal development processes in entrepreneurs, managers and employees, working in private, social or public organizations.



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The Evolutionary Leap to Flourishing Individuals and Organizations

By Center for Evolutionary Learning

© 2017 – Routledge

192 pages

About the Book

The last thing the world needs is yet another book delineating business-induced dangers and damages such as environmental disasters, social inequalities and unethical conduct.

And yet, success in achieving sustainable growth - whether for the individual, organization, or the social community - has mostly eluded us. Just as a compass needle moves to magnetic north, our deeply seated behaviours push us back to practices that are familiar and comfortable, even when we have sought to make a change to act in ways that are more sustainable.

How can we generate this deep and durable change in our values and beliefs, and thus both in our individual and collective decisions and behaviour at work? How can we unveil the best of our human qualities by learning to raise our consciousness to a more profound perception of ourselves and our relationship with the whole? And what if such a change could lead to an 'evolutionary leap' to a lasting flourishing state for us and for our organizations?

This book describes how this shift in mindset and consciousness level can, and has indeed, taken place in organizations using meditative practice, not only for individual wellbeing (which is now well understood) but also for deep transformational change. Through this shift, we can move past a definition of sustainability as 'mere resource efficiency and long-term survival', to one of 'sustainability-as-flourishing'. This book challenges many pre-conceived ideas about what a sustainably successful organization is and how it should be run. Based on a growing body of evidence - from neuroscience to business research - it maps out a path to empower all who wish to undertake this journey towards the realization of the highest potential in ourselves, our organizations, and our social and natural world.

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“We have had high expectations of Project RESPONSE and we have not been disappointed. The findings themselves have great value and should provide a sound evidence base for companies to combine a progressive approach to sustainability with high performance and competitiveness.” (Gunther Verheugen, Vice-President, European Commission)

“Project RESPONSE has been the most comprehensive CSR study ever done in terms of its research design. We especially applaud the innovative, collaborative design and governance, and getting both the outside in/inside out view of all the stakeholders engaged.” (Gilbert Lenssen, President, European Academy of Business In Society)


“I have been impressed by the unsolicited feedback I received from Microsoft employees and managers who took part in the meditation training programs: they all speak of a significant improvement in their quality of life and well-being, expressing gratitude for the valuable experience that they were offered.” (Jean-Philippe Courtois, Microsoft International)

“In a recent CEL program on negotiation strategy for Shell, 100% of participants claimed that they would recommend the program to their colleagues. Many of them described the program to their colleagues. Many of them described the program as a “life-changing experience”.